Ultimate Sacrifice

There is great sacrifice in war. Lives are lost that victories may be won. Soldiers die, both for and with each other, in causes bigger than themselves. But the parallel of fallen war heroes to Jesus Christ is a false equivalence.

On this Memorial Day please bear in mind the important distinction between:

  1. Dying while killing one’s enemies
  2. Dying on behalf of one’s enemies
Jesus demonstrates the second for us on a cross at Golgotha.
“God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” [a]
While we were His enemies, Jesus died for us. This is the ultimate sacrifice, and this is the gateway to true freedom.

Creation Groans


For many Christians the idea of caring for the earth is negatively associated with environmental activism or left-wing politics.  But I want to look at two things here, 1) biblical stewardship of creation and 2) the consequences of sin in creation. Continue reading