Creation Groans


For many Christians the idea of caring for the earth is negatively associated with environmental activism or left-wing politics.  But I want to look at two things here, 1) biblical stewardship of creation and 2) the consequences of sin in creation. Continue reading


Upside Down Perspective

In this message, originally given in 2013 at a church in Ellsworth, Maine, I discuss our human perspective vs. God’s perspective while exploring several occurrences of Christophanies in scripture.


Hearing and Doing: A Simple Look at the Sermon on the Mount


The teaching of the Lord has been given for the purpose of being put into practice.  -Conrad Grebel


Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount isn’t a message for another time or place. It is a three chapter call from Jesus to follow Him and to live out His Kingdom standards in the now. The things Jesus says should awaken us, should challenge us, but ultimately He intends that we believe His words beyond a mental assent as listeners only and wrestle them into our daily lives as doers. My survey of Jesus’ sermon really only scratches the surface, but maybe it will challenge you, as it does me, to look again at His words for the purpose of personal application. Continue reading

At What Cost?

TWS art 51

It was 1976 and Steven Georgiou had gone for a swim in the ocean near Malibu, California. But when he decided to swim to shore he found that the current was too strong for him, and as he continued to struggle he realized that he was going to drown. Exhausted, and with no other option, he shouted: “Oh, God! If you save me I will work for you.” Immediately a wave pushed him towards the beach and he was saved. Continue reading