At What Cost?

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It was 1976 and Steven Georgiou had gone for a swim in the ocean near Malibu, California. But when he decided to swim to shore he found that the current was too strong for him, and as he continued to struggle he realized that he was going to drown. Exhausted, and with no other option, he shouted: “Oh, God! If you save me I will work for you.” Immediately a wave pushed him towards the beach and he was saved. Continue reading


Knowledge or Knowing?

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The story goes that man was both lost and saved in a garden. The first garden was the Garden of Eden where man lost his innocence, the second garden was the Garden Tomb where Jesus was buried and resurrected. Some believe that these “garden stories” are pure fiction, from beginning to end, both the losing and the saving. Strangely enough, it seems that everyone keeps repeating the first garden story whether they believe it or not.
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Judging the World, cont.

This past Sunday my family and I were at church small group meeting. At the end of the night our group leader loaned me some books and other reading material that he had accumulated over the years, related to our topic of discussion that evening. Unrelated, but in the bag was an article from 1987 written by another man at church who I’ve really come to respect and admire over the past 5 months since I’ve known him. The article he had written was about jury duty. When I read it I was struck by the similarity of our experiences, but he also gave me more things to consider, for example:

“we all make judgments¬†in many ways. In cases of church discipline, however, it is never to be punitive, as courts must be, but redemptive.”

“Might justice be perverted if good people refuse to be involved?”

I was unable to include his published article in the comments from my previous post (Judging the World), so you can read it by clicking on the pdf links below:

Justice, the Jury, and Jesus -Page 1

Justice, the Jury, and Jesus -Page 2